MKE Week 3: Toxic-Free Giving

In the Workbook preparations for Week 4, in the box it states, “Wherever I go, I bring a gift.”

This story actually started with a Pepsi.Pepsi - 2 liter bottle
30 years ago I dated a woman in South Florida whose parents lived in Miami. They were lots of fun to hang out with. My girlfriend always took a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi to her parents, or some other token of appreciation. That seemingly little gesture turned into something I do quite often, except I don’t give toxic things to people I care about.
My nature of giving is usually quite odd to those around me, but WOW, what responses.

For example: When I was living in south Florida, I went to Costco with a guy I was sharing a house with. I saw a package of five little stuffed animals. You know the ones – you shake them or squeeze them, and they make the noise that the animal makes. I bought two dozen – 24 of those animal packages (120 animals in two full grocery carts).

My roommate didn’t know me very well at the time, and thought I was nuts. He asked me who I was going to give the animals to. I told him I had no clue at the time. He made fun of me all the way home. Shortly after we got there, his mother came over. She was an elementary school teacher. I gave her a couple boxes of the stuffed animals to share with her kids. She was ecstatically thankful. The next day she came back to report on how much fun the class had with those animals.

I gave two of the packages to my young niece and nephew.  I told them one package was to share between themselves, not owned by either. The other package was for them to give away to 5 friends they BOTH had to agree on. They did, and reported back to me about it. It was indeed awesome to see the excitement on their faces when the told me what they did.

Try this one — it’s awesome: Just before my first Christmas with my current wife, we were at a thrift store in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the loudspeaker came the announcement, “Stuffed animals, 5 cents up to 6 inches, 10 cents up to 1 foot, 25 cents over 1 foot.”

I had a Jeep Cherokee, and I made several runs to it with grocery carts brimming with like-new stuffed animals. I literally stuffed my car floor to ceiling.

My wife asked me who I was going to give them to. I told her I had no clue. Like my old roommate, she thought I was nuts too. We ended up giving many of them away to poor families and friends with kids. The rest we put in big bags, and donated them to the fire and police departments for giving out to comfort children in times of distress.

For some reason I never take photos of the things I buy to give away – so I don’t have one for this blog. I guess my spirit is telling me that giving is not supposed to be for the memory, but for the moment.

My wife still thinks I’m nuts when I buy a bunch of something that I have no clue of why, and sometimes those things sit in a box for years. Then one day, we’re going to visit a friend, and I grab something “special” out of the box. Not a bottle of Pepsi, but something that is heart-felt by the receiver. Wow… very cool.

Loving life is giving.

Thank you for reading my post.


Week 3: Thought, Clear … … Repeat

My sit/meditation has been a challenge. I’ve been extremely visual for most of my life, so stopping my mind is like herding cats [ LIKE THIS ].

I learned to meditate when I got out of the military in 1974 and went to college. My grades went from lousy in high school (I was quite bored), to straight A’s in college because of the results of meditation. Unfortunately, in college my meditation habit was broken. Until now, I haven’t been able to quiet my mind well.

Monday afternoon my wife showed me a clip she found on meditation, about acknowledging the thoughts that come up, then mentally clearing them – back to seeing a blank screen. I tried a black screen, now trying white.

I’ve been trying it for the last two days, and it seems to be working for me. We’ll see how it works over time, but my two meditations with that suggestion so far have given me more mental “still” time than I’ve had in many years.

This week’s sit is about letting the body relax.

So… this morning I took a chair out to our deck. As soon as I got comfortable, I smelled irritating cigarette smoke from the neighbor who lives in a house two vacant lots away. Arrgh… CLEAR …

Somebody across the lake must have bought a new puppy, and it starts whining, arf…  arf… arf…  and the dog next door to it starts barking. Stop it! … CLEAR …

I need to scratch my cheek. Maybe it’ll stop itching … CLEAR …

Ah… my mind finally focuses on relaxing and letting my muscles sink into the chair.

I feel my body getting heavier and heavier.

OMG! My chair just broke and I fell flat on our deck.


Week 2: What Do I Want To Do?

In this week’s webinar, Mark stated that our biggest problem is not knowing what we want.

This certainly struck home with me. Sometimes for days I get so frustrated about something complex I need to do but just can’t get started for some reason – like I’m in a procrastination rut about it.

Other times I’ve jumped in and done work to – “GIT ER DONE,” without thinking much about how I really want to do it. (I sometimes later feel I should have done it differently, and end up redoing it.)

On those times I procrastinate, I somewhat let it go as other projects get my focus. On occasion, my mind drifts back to the project I’ve been “procrastinating” about, and more frustration and guilt comes in. (Dang dragons.)

At some point, thoughts of the project I’ve been procrastinating come to me with a different method than I had originally intended. My Subby came up with a better solution… a MUCH BETTER solution. OMG!!

In Haanel’s Week 2 Lesson, paragraph 21 he states, “…when some difficult business problem presents itself they can afford to make delay and something suggests the proper solution’…”

Subby is truly amazing.

Now… I just need to make it a habit to remember this whenever I feel I’m putting something off, and instead of thinking I’m procrastinating, realize perhaps I just need to give the subject to Subby to handle.

Week 1: 2 Years of Challenge and Change

Two years ago, a treasured friend convinced me to go through this MasterKey course. At the time my wife and I were struggling with an Internet-based training business that we had worked on almost daily for 10 years to create from scratch. We had finally launched it, but needed some help getting it going – it was not taking off. We had no more energy to keep pushing ourselves – only considerable stress along with multiple weekly migraines.

I pushed myself through the MasterKey course, but must admit I felt overwhelmed from day one. I did the best I could, but the migraines and stress took a toll.

However! Near the end of the course, I was motivated from within to pursue moving to a large lake – a dream goal I’ve had my entire life.

Part of me felt I was giving up on our business, but I just couldn’t work seven days a week anymore to get it going. A couple months later we put our Knoxville home up for sale, and moved to the Lake of the Ozarks in our fifth-wheel trailer (our backup plan). Long story short, almost exactly one year ago from today, we bought our dream home.


We decided to take a whole year off from working on the business, or any other project – other than working on our new house.

Now that the year is over, I’m ready to put more effort into this exceptional life-changing training. I’ve been through a number of personal development courses throughout my life, and even ran one for 3½ years in South Florida. But I must admit, the MasterKey course is without a doubt in my mind, the most life-changing course I’ve ever been through. Mark J. and his team have done an incredible job of pulling this “gift” together.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this next six months unfolds.

As much as I’ve enjoyed our life on the lake this last year, I’m excited about getting back into my life purpose projects.

MKE does indeed work miracles.

Thank you for reading my blog.