MasterKey Week 2 – Moving Mind Moving Body

DSC_0040 (2)This is been one of the busiest weeks of my life – both physically and mentally.

This is the view from my office in our new home.

After MKE ended last year, I went through a personal transformation that dramatically improved my life in multiple ways. As a result, last May my wife and I put our house up for sale in Knoxville, Tennessee, took our fifth-wheel trailer to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, and started researching homes on the water.

Last Friday we closed on a beautiful lakefront contemporary home on a large lake – a dream I’ve had for 40 years, ever since I rented a room in a house on Lake Austin in Austin, Texas back in 1979.

My wife and I have been exhausted mentally and physically for the whole last week from moving everything almost entirely by ourselves. After closing on our house last Friday afternoon, we took a load of stuff to our new home, and got a good night’s sleep.

Then Saturday morning we left Missouri at 5 AM and drove to Knoxville Tennessee. Our friends helped us load a 26-foot U-haul truck, and we drove till 1:30 AM, then slept in the car at a rest area. We arrived at our RV park on the north end of the lake right at dusk. We already had a storage unit filled with our things from our first load here, so Monday and Tuesday we transferred furniture and miscellaneous stuff in and out of the truck and storage units.

Wednesday morning we had help from a friend here, however, it rained heavily off-and-on throughout this week. It was tough, but it felt great to get it done. Do it now. Do It Now! DO IT NOW!!!

We just got Internet hooked up and working. $60/month for 240 meg of upload/download fiber-optic service. This incredible.

MKE does indeed work miracles.

I have another excellent Guide for this course, Cherylan Hills, and I’m excited about what THIS year’s MKE class is going to bring into my life.

At 65 years old, I feel like my life is just beginning.


MasterKey Week 1 – Dragon Slayer

Blog Week 1 - Dragon

Last year I went through the MasterKey Experience, and it dramatically improved my life.

However, the dragons that Mark spoke of in this first week’s webinar, came roaring back to life during the webinar. Unfortunately, since the MasterKey Experience last year, my life had become a turmoil of activity and I slid back into the abyss where the dragons had been mostly sleeping.

While watching and listening to the webinar, I remembered something I needed to tell someone, so wrote a quick email regarding such. Almost immediately after I sent it, I realized that I had been sidetracked from listening to Mark and Davene.

A dragon within awoke with a fiery, “YOU IDIOT!!! What were you thinking?

I tried to justify that harsh remark with, “I’ve been through this once before, so it’s okay if I don’t focus totally on the webinar this time.” But it took me several minutes to quiet the fire.

I had engaged in wrong thinking! In actuality, it was just the opposite. I NEEDED to stay focused, so put my attention back on the webinar – just in time to hear Mark talk about the dragons. OMG!!! He was talking about me.

Recognizing my “error in thinking” brought me back to focus on the webinar. And instead of turning it off at the Q&A, I listened as the woman asked what to do when her mind was constantly raising with new ideas for her DMP. That too brought me to the realization that I must stay focused and do the work.

When I read the Week 1 lesson for the first time, I read it slowly, pondering each paragraph as I read it 3-4 times to fully absorb the truth. Wow. Tuesday’s reading brought me right back to the awe of Haanel’s statements. This morning, I found myself wanting to highlight ALL the paragraphs.

To the outside world, I am almost always happy-go-lucky and positive, but life has often been a struggle internally. My father was a badger, and nothing I ever did was good enough. I grew up constantly questioning everything I did, and putting way too much detail in whatever I wrote – which, for a writer, was a slow and painful death to my passions.

Yep! I’m so thankful to be going through this course again.

I’m putting my heart into it this time.

I’m done with the over-analysis paralysis, and self-flagellation.

Dragon be gone!!!

Thank you Mark, Davene, Dayna, and yalls’ team. You work beautifully together, and you do indeed present a life changer. This is without a doubt the most powerful personal development course I’ve ever been through – and I’ve been through quite a few of them.